The Global Harmony Art Foundation's collaborations are always a combination of deep traditions and modern performances.

      Since her first term as a UNESCO Artist for Peace in 2011, Hedva Ser has participated in the Organization's mission with her work as an artist and as a godmother to various artistic projects. Her sculpture "the Tree of Peace" symbolises peace between peoples and understanding between nations. She has inaugurated many of these monumental pieces around the world, including in Paris, New York City, Tel-Aviv, Philadelphia, Malta, etc. In addition, Ms. Ser is the creator of the UNESCO World Book Capital Trophy.

      A joint project of UNESCO Artists for Peace Ambassador of Ukrainian Culture, conductor Herman Makarenko, and Legion of Honor Chevalier, French sculptor Hedva Ser – became the example of active synthesis. A series of socially significant art objects named The Tree of Peace acquired its symphony.

      Cultural diplomacy aims to encourage the exchange of views, promote knowledge of other cultures, and build bridges between communities. Guided by this belief, UNESCO works to build a more peaceful world through the promotion of intercultural dialogue and exchange.