Cultural dialogue for peace
The Global Harmony Art Foundation is an independent platform designed to bring together artists from different countries and to draw attention to the development of cultural identity in a global society. Our goal is to create relevant international experience aimed at preserving the world's cultural heritage in all its diversity.

An essential task of the Global Harmony Art Foundation is the implementation of unique initiatives built on mutual respect and intercultural interaction. Furthermore, the spotlight is the harmonious future of the next generations. Today, the new communications space is open to all who accept the high value of the dialogue of cultures.
The Global Harmony Art Foundation's collaborations are always a combination of deep traditions and modern performances. A joint project of UNESCO Artists for Peace Ambassador of Ukrainian Culture, conductor Herman Makarenko, and Legion of Honor Chevalier, French sculptor Hedva Ser – became the first example of active synthesis. A series of socially significant art objects named The Tree of Peace acquired its symphony.

The next initiative of the Global Harmony Art Foundation was the world music premiere of cult Indian composer Allah Rakha Rahman, the Grammy, BAFTA and Golden Globe awards winner. Finally, the latest work of the Egyptian Basata Band, which combines Arabic and African melodies: with the participation of the Kyiv Classic Orchestra. It received Ukrainian overtones and got millions of views on Youtube.
"The main mission of the Global Harmony Art Foundation is to promote ideas of mutual understanding, tolerance, and cultural diversity that unite artists in a universal desire for peace. We invite you to join the new cultural dialogue"
Herman Makarenko,
Global Harmony Art Foundation CEO
UNESCO Artist for Peace
Kyiv Classic Orchestra Chief Conductor
National Artist of Ukraine