The Global Harmony Art Foundation takes responsibility and supports projects aimed at developing culture and art of different countries, according to the following programs:
Cultural heritage
Our main task is to strengthen the growth of the international community united by a common goal of preserving cultural heritage. We believe that continuous studying and implementation of collaborative strategies form ideal conditions for cultural exchange. It allows not only to protect but also to share the most significant traditions.
International collaboration
Our multicultural projects respond to the changing needs of the global community. We support new artistic and intellectual communications that promote deep understanding and active cooperation in order to achieve positive social transformations.
Educational projects
We organize and support tutorial programs for young artists, realized by educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Our initiatives aimed at fostering professionals with great potential for leadership. We pay the same close attention to extensive training programs in order to attract the future generation to personal participation in cultural events.
Basic principles of project selection:
  • Protection of world cultural heritage
  • Creation of new objects of a socio-cultural sphere
  • Combining cultural tradition with an innovative approach
  • The manifestation of synergist potential for positive social changes
  • Protection of civil rights and freedoms through art projects
  • Diversity of race, gender, ethnicity, and social status
  • Support for young artists and new artistic group