Ukrainian musicians initiated a global project "Art against a pandemic", with the participation of artists from France, Georgia, Japan and other countries - the initiative is supported by UNESCO. This was stated by the author of the project, UNESCO Artist for Peace, Herman Makarenko.

      "We are uniting the efforts of musicians, artists, painters, sculptors to implement this project as one of the manifestations of international solidarity in the fight against the global threat facing humanity," said Herman Makarenko. He explained that the idea was to bring together all possible creative projects, to present them with free accesses, under the auspices of UNESCO, as a manifestation of the global unity of artists in the fight against the pandemic COVID-19. With this initiative, Herman Makarenko addressed his colleagues, UNESCO Artists for Peace around the world - the project has already been supported by French sculptor Hedva Ser, singer from Mauritius Jane Constance, Turkish musician and composer Kudsi Erguner, Japan-based violinist EijinNimura and his compatriot Setsuko Klossowska de Rola, Georgia pianist Elisso Bolkvadze, South Korean opera singer Sumi Jo, designer from Niger Alphadi.

      As Marie-Ange Theobald, Senior Coordinator of the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors Program, noted in response to the "Art against a pandemic" initiative, support and solidarity are crucial in these difficult times.

      The Kyiv Classic Orchestra, led by Herman Makarenko, as part of the project, has already sent over two dozen classical works to UNESCO - they will be available on the website of an international organization. Besides, the Ukrainian team, in collaboration with the Global Harmony Orchestra, is preparing a new music program that will become the final chord of the "Art against a pandemic" project.
      "This war with an invisible enemy will end and we will come together to play beautiful music that will sound to the whole world as a hymn to life," said Herman Makarenko. He added that the project involved an international pool of musicians and artists. They created a kind of artistic message - the "Tree of Peace" anthem, based on the sculpture by the famous artist, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Hedva Ser, music composed by Pierre Sebaoun, lyrics by Smaïn Fairouze. By the way, the anthem is recorded in two languages - English and French and was performed by Kyiv Classic Orchestra under the direction of Herman Makarenko.

      UNESCO Artists for Peace are convinced that it is artistic initiatives that can support people now; help them survive the tragic times. Today, facing global challenges, the integration of cultures and the unification of various art projects in an international format is clearly evident. UNESCO Artists are confident that their colleagues from many countries will join the initiative.

      This international project will be a bridge to another important initiative – «Concert for peace» to mark the 75th anniversary of the UNESCO, which will take place in late 2020, said Herman Makarenko.

      Reference: The Kyiv Classic Orchestra performed its first concert in Paris, 2004, at UNESCO Headquarters to mark the anniversary of Ukraine's participation in this international organization. Global Harmony Orchestra is a project with the participation of musicians and performers from different countries, created in 2016.